Get ready for some exciting indoor climbing!

Our indoor climbing challenge features 10 Clip'n'Climb climbing walls. Here are some of the highlights.


Pixetron is a brightly coloured fun climbing wall made up of pixels arranged in a stunning pattern that is a real head turner.

Cloud 9

Climb into the clouds via one of three routes identified by the jack colours. Use the roundels positioned in the clouds to move in the right direction. And don’t forget to enjoy the view from the top!


The Space Invaders have arrived to issue you a challenge! You will need to think carefully about each move you make and make sure that you avoid the aliens as you ascend to the summit.


Arranged in a stunning chequerboard design. Use the jack colours to plot your route carefully and move as if you were a piece on a chessboard. When you reach the top, you will feel like a chess grandmaster!

Speed Climb

Challenge your friends to beat your time! Or try to beat your own record by racing against the clock. LED lights in the corner mouldings accentuate the effect of speed. You will need to be sure-footed to set a good time!

Prepare to be amazed by our Clip’n’Climb indoor climbing walls!

Using the latest 'Auto-belay' technology, our Clip and Climb indoor climbing walls will really get your adrenaline running! Suitable for all ages, from 4 years all the way up to adults. The concept is simple - you 'clip' onto belay ropes and climb. If you should fall, you are automatically lowered at a steady and safe rate back to terra firma!

Choose from 10 themed walls, all presenting fresh and exciting climbing challenges, including the amazing transparent wall for racing, or the dual timed walls to beat the clock and your own best times. Find out more

Advance booking for Clip and Climb is essential in busy periods so to avoid disappointmentIf you have any questions, just call the Base Camp team on 01209 844 164.

All our staff are trained to ensure you have all the information and equipment you need to enjoy the fun in complete safetySessions last 1 hour including a briefing, actual climbing time 45 minutes.

Clip'n'Climb Prices

Climbing session is 1 hour which includes a 15min Health & Safety briefing.

Age 4-14

£4.00 (Monday – Friday term time from 3.30pm)
£8.00 (Weekends & School Holidays)

15 and over

£5.00 (Monday – Friday term time from 3.30pm)
£9.00 (Weekends & School Holidays)

Add on soft play for just £4.

Climbing sessions are not available between 9am - 3pm Monday to Friday in term time unless pre-arranged. Sessions last 1 hour including a briefing, actual climbing time 45 minutes.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy at Base Camp

We want you to have a safe, happy and healthy time during your visit to Base Camp.
So we politely request that you observe a few simple guidelines for you and your children, to help ensure that nothing spoils the fun!

Clip and Climb Safety

All children must attend the safety briefing before their climb, even if they have used the indoor climbing walls before.  As a parent or guardian, please ensure your child follows these simple safety rules, as you remain responsible for your child’s welfare at all times.

  1. Participants must be a minimum of 4 years old

  2. Maximum weight for a climber is 150 kgs (330 lbs) / 23 Stone

  3. No heels, no flip-flops, crocs or open toe shoes. Ensure that your shoe laces are tied

  4. No jewellery to be worn. Glasses must be secured and long hair tied back.

  5. No chewing gum, food or drinks allowed in the climbing area.

  6. Please refrain from photographing children you do not know or from posting images of other people’s children on social media, unless you have their parents’ permission.

Climbers MUST

  1. Must attend Safety Briefing before climbing

  2. Must have harness checked by staff before climbing

  3. Must be clipped to the safety line before climbing

  4. Must follow any safety instructions as directed by Base Camp staff

Climbers MUST NOT

  1. Must not hold onto or pull down on the safety line whilst climbing

  2. Must not bounce out from the wall during descent

  3. Must not walk on coloured mats

  4. Must not run in the climbing area

Thank you very much for your co-operation,
so everyone can stay safe and stay happy.